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Here are the ways you can currently contact this Gilbert mun:

Plurk: DemDerp
Skype: dementia-m
Private Message: [personal profile] ruffledraven 
The HMD post

The Musebox

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This is my HMD (How's My Driving) post, for any and all roleplays that I am currently playing in. And this has two primary uses;

1. How do I play Gilbert? He's a completely new muse, so I'm quite nervous about it. Constructive criticism, tips and compliments are all appreciated. Also it's always interesting to compare with other people's reading of the same character, so if you feel like commenting on my game, please do so here~

2. If you have any plot or log suggestions, would like an interaction with Gilbert or him appearing in a certain post, feel free to let me know, and this post's just as good for that if you don't have Plurk or Skype. :'D


...A-and anon is enabled. ;~; YOUR OPINION, I CAN TAKE IT!
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CHARACTER NAME: Gilbert Nightray


Backtagging: yes, forever and ever and ever. I'm slow. c':
Threadhopping: yes, but ask me first.
Fourthwalling: no, I'd prefer not.
Offensive subjects: none that I can think of. Gilbert is quite touchy about Properness though, so if you come home late or muddy or talk with your mouth full, he will likely get Offended.


Hugging this character: yes, but there will be stiff and flailing and maybe screaming.
Kissing this character: yes, but there will be stiff and flailing and screaming and maybe fainting. I'd like to be asked first.
Flirting with this character: yes, though it is likely to end in a polite turn down or not be noticed at all.
Fighting with this character: yes.
Injuring this character (include limits and severity): yes, but nothing too severe or permanently maiming. Gilbert's pretty sturdy about non-vital injuries. Ask me if you're unsure ~
Killing this character: no, but I might be tempted by Plot. Ask me! 
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: ahhh at the moment I'll have to say no because even I myself am not entirely sure what goes on in his head. Unless just knowing there is A JUMBLE OF FUCK AND WHAT AND ANGST is enough for you. :'D

Warnings: despite of being pathetic in many ways, Gilbert is also rather short tempered and may shoot first and ask questions later. So it's better to be a little bit careful and not press the wrong buttons (hat, Oz, Glen, Jack, idk).

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Name: Gilbert Nightray, „Raven“
Canon: Pandora Hearts (manga)
Canon point: chapter 63ish, as he discovers Glen's head. No joke.
Age: 24. However, he was technically time vortexed from around a 100 years ago while still a kid, so chronologically it's like 109. But biological and mental age is 24.

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H-Hello, this is Raven. If you're... hearing this message... this doesn't sound right, does it? I knew I should have written this down! But -- ah... it's still on?! ... I-I mean. I'm not available at the moment.

[Deep breath.]

If it's important, please leave a message and I will contact you as soon as I can. Thank you.


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Gilbert Nightray // Pandora Hearts

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